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Horizontal Autoclave LMHA-A102 is a highly efficient and spacious-free standing autoclave that ensures stable and reliable sterilization of laboratory applications. Structured with high-quality rust-free and easily cleanable stainless-steel chamber. It works within the temperature range between 50 °C to 134 °C with a loading capacity of 300 L. Simplified with an easy-to-read LED digital display that allows intuitive operation with clear monitoring.

Specifications :
Capacity 300 L
Temperature Range 50 °C to 134 °C
Pressure 0.217 Mpa
Time Range 0 to 99 hr
Power 7.5 kW
Voltage 380 V
Chamber Size 600 × 1050 mm
Dimension 1460 × 822 × 1750 mm
Weight 270 Kg
Features :
  • -  Energy-efficient microcomputer control system that ensures accurate and reproducible result
  • -  Enhanced with a semi-automatic control system for better working condition
  • -  Integrated with safety features to ensure overheating and over-pressure protection
  • -  The self-diagnostic control system includes a program to sterilize solid body
  • -  Provide temperature and pressure check interface
  • -  Equipped with an automatic alarm that triggers indication after shutdown
  • -  Supplied with exhaust steam control for safe and convenient operation
  • -  Intended with an interlock door to prevent unauthorized access
  • -  Upgraded with a safety valve for over-pressure exhausting
  • -  Remote USB port that provides easy communication via PC or printer
Applications :

It is extensively used to sterilize surgical equipment, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical items, and other materials.