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Electronic Wood Density Meter LMEW-A101


Electronic Wood Density Meter LMEW-A101 offers a durable and compact structure, with a wide weighing range of 0.001 to 150 grams and a rapid testing time of just 10 seconds. Its LCD display facilitates direct reading of wood properties including density, volume, water absorption, porosity, and more. It is specially designed for measuring and recording the density and moisture content of wood materials with precision and efficiency.

Specifications :
Weighing Range 0.001 to 150g
Minimum Sample Weight 5g
Maximum Sample Weight 150g
Water Absorption and Porosity 0.0001
Density Resolution 0.001g/cm³
Weighing Sensor German HBM
A Cage for Floating Objects Yes
Function for Solution Compensation Yes
Medium Either water or liquid
Wind-Proof Outer Cover Yes
Standard Interface RS-232
Testing Time 10 seconds
Temperature Range 0 to 40℃
Display LCD
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Dimension 195 × 210 × 185 mm
Packing Dimension 395 × 195 × 330 mm
Net Weight 3.5 kg
Gross Weight 4.5 kg
Features :
  • -  Incorporated a built-in temperature compensation function, ensuring accurate measurements under varying conditions
  • -  The user interface is both easy to navigate and intuitively designed, facilitating straightforward operation
  • -  Supplied with an optional intelligent data processor for storing measurement data
  • -  Constructed with robust components, guaranteeing a long operational lifetime
  • -  The portable and space-saving design ensures practicality in various settings
  • -  Tailored for non-absorbent wood products, this meter enables direct measurement of density and volume, simplifying the assessment process
  • -  Features a wax-sealing method for porous materials, enhancing its versatility
  • -  Offers fast and precise testing capabilities, with quick results with accuracy
  • -  Provides direct readings, further streamlining the measurement process
  • -  It is user-friendly and safe to operate
Applications :

It finds applications in assessing the basic density, bulk density, wet density, apparent density, apparent porosity, water absorption, volume of open pores, and closed pores, as well as the total porosity of wood. It is particularly useful for determining the air-dried density of wood in both laboratory and production environments.