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Double Beam Balance LMDBB-A100


Double Beam Balance LMDBB-A100 is a sturdy mechanical scale made of durable aluminum alloy featuring a stainless-steel platform with a weighing capacity of 2000g. Its classic design includes two pans and sliding weights on beams, with a magnetic damping system for safe and eco-friendly operation. It operates without batteries and is user-friendly, making weighing tasks hassle-free.

Specifications :
Capacity 2000 g
Division 0.1 g
First Rod 10 × 0.1g
Second Rod 200 × 10g
Pan 150 mm (stainless iron)
Weights 1kg, 500g, 200g, 100g
Dimension 350× 240×170 mm
Packing dimension 490 × 430 × 580 mm (by carton)
Net Weight 2.1 kg
Gross Weight 5 kg
Features :
  • -  Hand-operated measuring technique
  • -  Utilizes agate bearings and precision knife edges to ensure precise and consistent outcomes
  • -  Swift and precise weight determination
  • -  Weights crafted from iron; tweezers made from plastic
  • -  Incorporated built-in magnetic damping the helps pointer halts with minimal swings, ensuring faster results
Applications :

It's employed in various industries, including food, agriculture, textiles, scientific research, electronics, mining, medicine, and educational institutions, serving both commercial and personal purposes.