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Dosimeter LMDOM-B100


Dosimeter LMDOM-B100 is a compact, portable surface contamination monitor designed to detect and quantify α, β, and γ radiation and is suitable for use in temperature ranges between 40°C to 50°C. Additionally, it can measure radiation dose rates within the range of 0.01 to 10,000 u Sv/h and features a programmable system with four alarm modes. It utilizes a pancake GM tube detector with detection capabilities for Sr-90 and Am-241 which offers precision and reliability, ensuring accurate radiation measurements in various settings.

Specifications :
Temperature Range 40 °C to 50°C
Counting Rate 0 to 500000 CPM, 0 to 8000 CPS
Radiation Dose Rate 0.01 to 10000 u Sv/h
Energy Ranges 25 KeV to 7 MeV
Display Unit CPM, CPS, Bq/cm², μ Gy/h, μ Sv/h
Detector Pancake GM tube Φ: 45 mm
Detection Efficiency Sr - 90(546 KeV, 2.3 MeV βmax) about 75%
Am - 241(5.5MeV α) about 36%
Sensitivity 3500 CPM/ mR /h (according to Cs-137)
Humidity ≤ 85% RH
Power Two AA size battery
Internal Dimension 160 × 85 × 38 mm
External Dimension 260 × 206 × 126 mm
Net Weight 0.5 kg
Gross Weight 0.9 kg
Features :
  • -  Equipped with a waterproof carrying case to protect and carry the unit safely
  • -  Enhanced with crystal-clear visuals with high-definition LED backlight display, ensuring easy reading and interpretation of critical information
  • -  Powered by two AA-size batteries, our dosimeter delivers extended operational hours while remaining conveniently portable
  • -  Provided with versatile 4-alarm programming system which alerts via audio and shake alarms when radiation levels exceed preset thresholds
  • -  It accumulates radiation dose over time, allowing users to track their cumulative exposure
Applications :

It finds application in various settings for detecting alpha, beta, and gamma radiations including nuclear power stations, environmental protection agencies, and similar environments.