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Digital Steam Sterilizer LMDSS-A100


Digital Steam Sterilizer LMDSS-A100 is highly efficient sterilizer enhanced with steam sterilization technique for killing microorganisms by denaturing their proteins and disrupting their cellular structures. Equipped with stainless steel baskets that hold a capacity of 35 L work within adjustable temperature up to 105 °C to 134 °C. Improved with an LCD display for monitoring work status that provide user-friendly functionality.

Specifications :
Capacity 35 L
Chamber Volume φ318×H450 mm
Working Pressure 0.22 MPa
Max. Working Pressure 0.23 MPa
Working Temperature 134 °C
Adjustable Temperature 105 to 134 °C
Time Period 0 to 99 min
Power 2.5 to 4.5
Heat Average ≤± 1°C
Dimensions (mm) 480×460×850 mm
Packaging Dimensions (mm) 570×550×970 mm
Gross Weight 56 kg
Net Weight 42 kg
Features :
  • -  Digital display improved with touch key for monitoring the work status
  • -  Improved with automatically shuts down with a reminder beep alarm after sterilization
  • -  Designed with fully stainless-steel material
  • -  Integrated with water level sensor for indicating low water level
  • -  Overpressure and over temperature protection
  • -  Electric or dry heating is by occupying copper tubes of heating elements
  • -  Enhanced with auto-discharging cool air after sterilization
Applications :

Digital Steam Sterilizer is widely used in laboratories, medical and research institutions for disinfection and sterilization and decontaminate the sterilize media and biological waste.