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Dark Field Microscope LMDM-601


Dark Field Microscope LMDM-601 has extended EWF 10×/18 mm eyepieces with Ø 23.2 mm tubes. Equipped with revolving and nosepiece for four objectives. All optics are anti-fungus treated and anti-reflection coated for maximum light throughput. It comes with 142×135 mm ceramic stage with integrated 76×52 mm mechanical stage protected with a very tough ceramic surface against marks and scratches. Mechanical stage equipped with double slide holder and integrated 75×50 mm rack less mechanical stage. Provided with standard height adjustable N.A.1.25 condenser. Focusing of specimen can be adjusted using coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs and adjustments are equipped with friction control.

Specifications :
Viewing Head 30° Inclined
Objective 4X/10X/40X/100X
Nosepiece 4 Holes
Condenser Abbe Condenser NA1.25 With Iris Diaphragm
Eyepiece WF10X18
Light Source 6 V 20 W
Power Supply AC100 to 240 V/DC12V
Color White and Black
Features :
  • -  Optional ergonomic tilting head are also available
  • -  It has no protruding parts which provides more smooth movements and safer to use
  • -  Provided with magnification indication
  • -  Halogen lamp is used as source of illumination Innovative design offers larger apertures Supplied with an adjustable rack stop to prevent damages to sample and objectives
Applications :

Dark field microscopy is used to study marine organisms, mounted cells and tissues and applied in the field of research industries, schools, colleges and hospitals