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Coagulation analyzer LMCA-A402


Coagulation analyzer LMCA-A402 is a 4 channel coagulation analyzer with large LCD display. It provides around 24 sample slots. The complete test will take only 20 uL of the reagent and reduce the experiment cost. The internal storage capacity is 100 sample data which is well-designed. The features are user-friendly. 4 independent measuring channels are produced. The reagent pre-warm is about 6 positions. It provides with the best memory for up to 10,000 test results.

Specifications :
Test Channels 4 channels; 4 different parameter analysis at the same time.
Preheating Position Sample 24 positions
Regent Preheat Position 6 positions
Reagent Consumption less than 20 uL, open reagent
Dosing Accuracy CV <2%
High Quality Thermostat Precision 37 ℃ ± 0.3 ℃
Language English
Memory 10,000 test results
Printer Internal Heat Sensitive
Display Large 240×128 LCD screen
Interface RS232 interface, PC connection
Power Supply 110 V/220 V AC±15% 50 to 60 Hz
Features :
  • -  It is a 4 stationed equipment which can analyze the sample with 4 parameters
  • -  Accurate results are ensured by the advanced scattered light concept and percent analysis
  • -  Advanced optical light balancing system delivers reliable results with a special sample holder and test vessel locating mechanism
  • -  Optional PT-derived approach for analyzing fibrinogen that uses less reagent
  • -  Carry out all normal tests, such as the PT and APTT. Clotting Factors and Fibrinogen TT
  • -  The device has the capacity to measure 10,000 sample data and saved the data using printer
  • -  It is advantageous with a feature of less usage of the reagent to reduce the cost for single analysis
Applications :

It can be used to determine whether or not a patient has a bleeding or thrombus condition. PT (prothrombin time), APTT (partial thromboplastin time), TT (thrombin time), Fbg (fibrinogen) and curative effect are monitored.