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BOD Analyzer LMBOD-A100


BOD Analyzer LMBOD-A100 is designed for measuring organic pollutant levels within the range of 0 to 4000mg/l. It employs a mercury-free pressure difference sensing method. Configured with a large LCD display for easy project selection. With test terminals powered by long-lasting batteries, our analyzer ensures uninterrupted testing for over 2 years, even during brief power interruptions

Specifications :
Sample Capacity 580ml
Measuring Range 0-4000mg/L (direct measurement)
Measurement Accuracy ±8
Working Temperature 20±1℃
Accuracy ±8%
Resolution 0.01mg/L
Sampling Points ≤60 / cycle
Display Backlit
Working Principle Manometric, mercury-free, maintains electronic pressure
Measurement Capacity Independent 6 groups of detection
Data Storage Capacity Can store 10 years of test data
Mixing Program controlled, magnetic mixing
Analysis Time 1 day to 30 days
Power Supply AC220V±10%/50-60HZ
Dimension 324 × 335 ×350 mm
Weight 10 Kg
Features :
  • -  Easily manage and prioritize samples during analysis
  • -  Eliminates manual calculations for faster analysis
  • -  Avoids dilution for concentrations below 4000g/L in water samples
  • -  Offers up to 60 sampling points per test cycle for enhanced accuracy
  • -  Allows simultaneous comparison of data from six samples for increased convenience
  • -  Offers six independent test terminals for flexible testing
  • -  Adopts a pipeline-free experiment design to prevent aging and air leakage
Standard Accessories :

Data cables :6 Qty

Lye bottles: 4 pcs
Power adapter : 1 Qty
Reagent bottles: 6 Qty
Medicine cups : 6 Qty
Stirring cups: 6 Qty
BOD detection reagent :100times /set ,1 set
Detection heads: 6 Qty

Applications :

BOD Analyzer is utilized by third-party testing institutions, universities, and pollutant management companies in diverse sectors