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Bio-safety Clean Bench LMBCB-503


Bio-safety Clean Bench LMBCB-503 is a biological safety type clean bench that provides protection for samples and work procedures. The unit is equipped with ULPA & HEPA filters which ensure that surface is 99% free of particles at 0.1 to 0.3 micro particles. The airflow has a constant velocity of 0.3 ~ 0.5m/sec minimizing air turbulence within the work zone. It offers a wide range of selection with glass slide wall, highly efficient 40W strong germicidal UV lamp for disinfecting bacteria within 30 minutes.

Specifications :
Type Biological Safety Type
Air Velocity 0.3 ~ 0.5m/sec (9-phase controllable)
Illumination Fluorescent lamp 20W or40W
Sterilizing UV lamp 20W or 40W
Main Filter ULPA filter (efficient at 0.1-micron particles)
Assistant Filter HEPA filter (efficient at 0.3-micron particles)
Controller LCD microprocessor
Internal Material Stainless steel plate
External Material Steel plate with powder coating
Window High temperature safety glass of thickness 5mm
Door Sliding glass door/ Tempered safety glass
Utility Air cock, Gas cock, Electric outlets (AC 220V×1EA & 110V×1EA)
Supply Voltage & Frequency AC 230V, 50/60Hz
External Dimension (W×D×H) 1600×880×1940 mm
Features :
  • -  Low discharge volume and quite operation mechanism
  • -  Specialized sound absorbing materials
  • -  High-efficient UV lamp source with strong germicidal power
  • -  Stainless steel work surface and glass window assure optimum sanitary working conditions
  • -  ULPA & HEPA filters maximize the optimum cleanness
  • -  Audio and visual alarm for over-temperature protection
  • -  Zero leak airflow system
  • -  Pressure flow, Airflow monitor and control
  • -  Ergonomically designed work zone
  • -  Rear wall recirculation grill for airflow uniformity
  • -  5mm high temperature safety glass
  • -  
Applications :

These are suitable in medical science, pharmacy, agriculture, new composition and electrical industry field.