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Biochemistry Analyzer LMLB-A301 employs a fully automatic equipment which obeys flow technique known as continuous flow analysis or segmented flow analysis with discrete carrying out the diagnostic function. It has 60 positions sample tray and 60 reagent tray positions to give the accurate results. Halogen lamp is the light source used in the flow technique. It is offered with sample cooling from 2 to 12 °C.

Specifications :
Tests / hour 300 Tests/Hour
Wavelength 340 nm, 405 nm, 450 nm, 510 nm, 546 nm, 578 nm, 630 nm, 670 nm
Volume 150 μl to 500 μL
Cooling Ratio 2 to 12 °C
Sample Volume 2 μl to 60 μL
Power Source 12 V, 20 W
Reagent and Sample Tray 60 Sample and 60 Reagent
Light Source Halogen Lamp
Weight 110 Kg
Features :
  • -  Easy to operate used for the diagnostic function
  • -  Analyzer has the capacity of 120 tray positions from that 60 are of reagent and 60 of sample tray
  • -  It can analyze around 300 test in an hour
  • -  The analysis can be measured in 8 different wavelengths
  • -  Halogen lamp is use as the source of light
Optional Accessories :

Service Manual 1 pc
Cuvette (1000 Cuvettes/Box) 1box
R1 Reagent Bottle (100 pcs/box) pc
R2 Reagent Bottle (100 pcs/box) pc

Applications :

Automated chemistry analyzers measure the concentration of certain proteins, enzymes, electrolytes, metabolites, or even drugs in the provided samples of urine, other body fluids.