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Bar-Coded Cryogenic Vials LMBCV-A115


Bar-Coded Cryogenic Vials LMBCV-A115 is crafted with polypropylene material ensuring durability for the storage and preservation of biological samples at -196 °C to 121 °C temperature. Featuring a loading capacity of 1.5 mL facilitates convenient handling. Improved with secure sealing mechanisms include silicone gaskets or O-rings, to stop leaks and contaminate the samples being stored. Supplied unique barcodes for accurate sample identification and tracking.

Specifications :
Working Volume 1.5 mL
Barcode 1D
Cap Type Flat
Height 44 mm
Inner Diameter 8.5 mm
Features :
  • -  Designed with polypropylene material is chemical resistant and ensure durability
  • -  Utilized with sterilization Level: SAL 10⁻⁶ for convenient handling
  • -  Fitted with 2D laser etched code for tracking and identification
  • -  Enhanced with self-standing and conical bottom design
  • -  Equipped with external threaded cap provides a secure seal to prevent contamination
  • -  Available in Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue cap
  • -  Include DNase, RNase and Pyrogenic free
Applications :

Bar-Coded Cryogenic Vials is ideal for the storage of cells, tissues, DNA, RNA, and other biological materials.