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Automatic Colony Counter LMACC-A100


Automatic Colony Counter LMACC-A100 is equipped with a high-resolution CCD Camera lens. Incorporated with advanced Smart Counter software for accurate automatic microbial colony counting. Open platform design, bottom LED light source makes it a user-friendly counter. Encrypted USB-key guarantees data security, and convenient data management.

Specifications :
Camera True Color high definition CCD camera
CCD Resolution 10,000,000 pixels
Counting Software Smart counter software
Language English
Colony size resolution > 0.1 mm
Colony color recognition 8 colors
Applicable methods Plate type Spread plate, Pour plate, Membrane filter, Spiral plate
Counting speed 300, less than 3 seconds
Light source Long life dual LCD light
Working temperature 0 to 50°C
Material ABS plastic
Size of Petri dish 90 mm and 55 mm standard
Host Dimension 290 × 260 × 380 mm
Power 20 W
Power supply AC 110 to 220 V, 50 Hz
Weight 3 kg
Features :
  • -  Bottom LED light source
  • -  High resolution CCD Camera lens
  • -  Smart counter operational interface
  • -  Automatic data processing and storage
  • -  Quick counting of the number of colonies
  • -  Distinguishes 8 different colored colonies
  • -  Manual addition and deletion of colonies
  • -  Can set unwanted (non-countable) area
Applications :

Automatic Colony Counter is widely used in automatic colony counting, reading for quantitative studies, quality and research purposes across microbiology, hospitals, cosmetic, food industries, and pharmaceuticals units.