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Artificial Climate Incubator LMAI-A106


Artificial climate incubator LMAI-A106 is an experimental device that can simulate natural climate conditions equipped with microprocessor controller for temperature humidity and light intensity comes with 450L chamber capacity. Large LCD screen display for easy monitoring and body made up of stainless steel with 30 different programs. Adjustable shelves for easy handling.

Specifications :
Chamber volume 450L
Temp. Range Without Lighting: 0~50℃ , With lighting: 10~50℃
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Stability ±1°C
Temperature Uniformity ±1.5°C
Humidity Range 50~90%RH
Humidity Accuracy ±5-7%RH
Lighting Intensity 0~20000LX 0~25000LX Six -grade adjustable
Lighting Type Three surface illumination
Programmer Function Temperature, humidity, light intensity, can be set separately, and 30 programmers Time range is 1-99 hours 59mins for each programmer
Power Consumption 2050 W
Ambient Temperature RT+5~30℃
Electrical Requirement 220V 50Hz
Interior Dimension 700×550×1140 mm
Exterior Dimension 950×850×1850 mm
Shelves 3 pieces
Features :
  • -  Stainless steel chamber
  • -  Microprocessor temperature control
  • -  Adjustable shelves
  • -  Large LCD screen
  • -  Easy cleaning
  • -  R134a refrigerant
  • -  Simulate changing temperature and light in day/night
  • -  Optional:
  • -  RS485 connector
  • -  Independent temperature-limiting alarm system
Optional Accessories :

LMAI-OA01 RS485 connector
LMAI-OA02 CO2 inlet
LMAI-OA03 CO2 controller (imported IR CO2 sensor)