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Aniline Point Tester LMAPT-A100


Aniline Point Tester LMAPT-A100 determines the aniline point of a petroleum product, particularly hydrocarbons like oils, fuels, and lubricants that help to predict the solubility and miscibility. Equipped with a heating system that allows precise temperature control from room temperature to 150°C to ensure accurate measurements. It features a continuously adjustable speed regulation motor for enhanced operational smoothness.

Specifications :
Measurement Range Room temperature to 150°C
Stirring Speed 0 to 1200 r/min
Heating Power 25W
Interior Dimension 360 × 250 × 545 mm
Exterior Dimension 370 × 320 × 630 mm
Power Supply AC 220 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Features :
  • -  Enhanced with an automatic alarm system, complete with both audible and visual alerts, to detect the endpoint accurately
  • -  Incorporated with an electric sample heater to ensure the reliable and convenient heating of samples
  • -  Allows for manual adjustment of temperature control, offering a high degree of precision and accuracy
  • -  Meticulously crafted in strict adherence to the ASTM D611 standard which delineates the "Test Methods for Aniline Point of Petroleum Products"
Applications :

It plays a crucial role in the petroleum industry, chemical industries, and research and development laboratories by determining the aniline point of hydrocarbon products, which is essential for quality control, product classification, and process optimization in petroleum.