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Aging Oven LMAO-A101


Aging Oven LMAO-A101 is meticulously designed to faithfully replicate environmental conditions, enabling the comprehensive testing of product stability, reliability, durability, and dependability. With its generous 216-liter capacity, it boasts an extensive temperature range from a comfortable ambient +20℃ to 250℃. This impressive feat is complemented by a consistent 10 to 12 rpm on its turntable, making it the perfect choice for manufacturers and researchers across diverse industries.

Specifications :
Capacity Volume 216L
Temperature Range RT +20 to 250℃
Temperature Stability ± 0.5℃
Temperature Uniformity ± 1%
Ventilation Volume 0 to 200/h
Material 304 stainless steel
Display LCD screen
Turntable Speed 10 to 12 rpm
Timer Range 0 to 5999 min
Shelves 2
Power Consumption 2450 W
Power Supply AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Packing Dimension 1010 × 860 × 1280mm
Dimension 600 × 600 × 600 mm
Net weight 140 Kg
Gross Weight 173 kg
Features :
  • -  Constructed from robust 304 stainless steel, it combines durability and reliability with advanced testing features
  • -  Accommodates programmable control over parameters like temperature, duration, heating rate, circulating wind speed, and more
  • -  Features a generously sized LCD screen for easy monitoring and user-friendly operation
  • -  Advanced programming with seven periods and up to nine steps within each period, allows for precise temperature and time control
  • -  Equipped with mirror-polished walls and smoothly curved corners, it is easy to load and unload items and facilitate chamber cleaning
  • -  Facilitates speedy initiation and conclusion of aging tests through the operation of the exhaust air door
  • -  Offers a low-speed rotation function, ensuring even exposure of samples to the test environment
  • -  A pre-set automatic switch-on feature simplifies the testing process by automating the start-up
Applications :

It serves as a quality control tool for a diverse range of products, including electronics, plastics, electrical appliances, instruments, food items, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials, aerospace components, and medical devices.