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Blood Bank Refrigerator LMBL-A107

Blood Bank Refrigerator LMBL-A107

Blood Bank Refrigerator LMBL-A107 is a specialized storage unit designed to store and preserve blood and blood products at optimal conditions to maintain their integrity and usability for medical purposes. Blood bank refrigerators have secure and organized storage compartments with 136L of capacity maintaining a consistent and specific temperature range typically between 4°C to 6°C. Utilizes multiple sensors to ensure precise monitoring and programming for accurate control.

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Capacity 136L
Temperature Range 4 ± 2°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.1°C
Control System Microprocessor control
Display LED display
Audio and Visual Alarm High or low temperature, Senor and system failure, Door ajar, Power failure
Refrigeration Type Forced air refrigeration system
Refrigerant R134a, CFC-Free
Condenser & Evaporator High-efficiency air-cooled condenser made of copper
Defrost Frostless design
Material Internal Material: Stainless steel
External Material: Sprayed steel plate
Power Consumption 252W
Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50Hz
Adjustable Shelves 4pcs
Baskets 12 pcs
Blood Bags (450ml) 99pcs (450ml)
External Size (W × D × H) 530 × 660 × 1287 mm
Package Size (W × D × H) 672 × 732 × 1501 mm
Gross Weight 104kg

point.png Unibody design with mono-assembly foaming using rigid polyurethane insulation material

point.png Utilization of a forced air refrigeration system to maintain a constant and uniform inner temperature

point.png Adjustable shelves to enhance space utilization, with the option for classifying blood storage baskets

point.png Installation of individual transparent inner doors to effectively minimize cool air loss during door openings

point.png Built to be energy-efficient, reducing power consumption while maintaining optimal storage conditions

point.png Constructed with doors such as electrically heated glass doors, semi-foamed doors with locks, and Acrylic inner door

point.png Incorporated with Casters: Two universal casters with brakes, two-directional casters

Thermal Printer

LED Lamp
The Temperature Test Box
Probe Access Port
Door Key

Temperature Recorder

Blood bank refrigerators play a vital role in preserving the viability and safety of blood and blood components, ensuring that they remain effective for transfusions, medical procedures, and research purposes in hospitals and research laboratories.

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Blood Bank Refrigerator LMBL-A107