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Blood Bank Centrifuge LMBB-A201

Blood Bank Centrifuge LMBB-A201

Blood Bank Centrifuge LMBB-A201 is a benchtop centrifuge designed to extract blood components from whole blood, including platelets, plasma, and white blood cells. Our centrifuge utilizes with tube that holds a capacity of 6 × 2400 mL. Configured with Microcomputer control with touch panel LED display allows intuitive operation. Equipped with an AC frequency conversion motor that rotates at a maximum speed of up to 8000 rpm to ensure stability.

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Maximum Speed 8000 rpm
Max. RCF 12166 x g
Tubes 6 × 2400 ml
Timer 1 min ~ 23 h 59 min
Revolutions / min ± 10 r/min
Temperature Range - 20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Temperature Accuracy ± 1.0 ℃
Noise ≤ 60 dB
Chamber Diameter Φ 700 mm
Power 7500 W
Voltage AC 220 ± 22 V; 50 Hz; 30 A
Inner Dimensions (L x W x H) 975 × 860 × 1180 mm
Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H) 1100 × 980 × 1400 mm
Net Weight 500 Kg

point.png Microcomputer control with touch panel LED display

point.png Eco-friendly Refrigerating control system

point.png AC frequency conversion motor ensures stability and low noise level Automatic calculation and display of RCF

point.png Provisions to revise 40 parameters during the operation

point.png Electronic lid locks for uninterrupted operation

point.png Fault diagnosis system for overspeed, overheating, imbalance, and lid lock

point.png Full steel inner cavity protection

Blood Bank Centrifuge is used in blood banking and clinical laboratories, including blood typing, cross-matching, and separation of blood components for transfusions. and preparation of blood products such as platelets and plasma.

Model No Type Max. Speed Max. RCF Capacity Image
LMBB-A201-SR1 Swing Rotor 4200 rpm 5000 x g 6 x 2 x 1000 ml LMBB-A201-SR1
LMBB-A201-SR2 Swing Rotor 4200 rpm 5600 x g 6 x 2400 ml LMBB-A201-SR2
LMBB-A201-AR1 Angle Rotor 7200 rpm 12166 x g 6 x 1000 ml LMBB-A201-AR1
LMBB-A201-AR2 Angle Rotor 8000 rpm 11680 x g 6 x 500 ml LMBB-A201-AR2

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Blood Bank Centrifuge LMBB-A201