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Biochemical Incubator LMBI-A103

Biochemical Incubator LMBI-A103

Labmate Biochemical Incubator LMBI-A103 is an ideal equipment for water analysis, plant and bacterial cultivation and storage, BOD testing with a vital feature of constant temperature to provide best result for the experiment. It has an Omni-directional 3D heating technology ensuring uniformity of chamber temperature with independently-controlled illumination inside the chamber.

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Chamber volume 370 L
Temp. Control Range 5°C~60°C
Accuracy ±0.1°C at 37°C
Fluctuation ±0.3°C
Temperature Uniformity ± 1°C at 37°C
Controller PID microprocessor control, soft touch, LED display
Sensor PT100
Timing Range 1min-99hr
Internal Material 304 stainless steel
External Material Steel (powder coating)
Internal Dimensions 650 × 600 × 950 mm
External Dimensions 800 × 850 × 1730 mm
Net Weight 165 kg
Power Consumption 1100 W
Shelf Size 584 × 590 mm
Shelf Qty (Standard/Max.) 3 out of 13
Power Supply 220V/50Hz (Optional: 220V/60Hz, 110V/60Hz)

point.png Stainless steel body

point.png Dual layered glass window

point.png Double door structure

point.png Highly sensitive and meticulous Pt resistance chamber

point.png Temperature controller with high-speed, high-performance CPU chip

point.png Over-pressure and under-pressure protection compressor

point.png Self-analyzing ON/OFF control programme

point.png Low noise

point.png Omni-directional 3D heating technology

point.png Alarming system for multiple purposes

point.png Parameter memory storage

point.png Temperature display calibration

point.png Dynamic self-diagnostic control technology

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Biochemical Incubator LMBI-A103