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Ball Mill LMBML-B100

Ball Mill LMBML-B100

Ball Mill LMBML-B100 rotates at a speed ranging from 70 to 640 revolutions per minute. It obtains a minimum discharged particle size of 0.1 micrometers that shows precise material processing. Speed can be regulated by using a frequency controller. Equipped with a visual window and conducts nitriding metal treatment to prevent shaft breakage.

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Machine Volume 12 L
Standard Jar Volume 1 to 3L
Vacuum Jar Volume 1 to 2L
Jar Quantity 4
Revolution Speed 35 to 320 rpm
Rotation Speed 70 to 640 rpm
Transmission Mode Gear drive
Sample Loading 2/3 of the capacity of the ball mill
Feed Size Soil material ≤ 10 mm
other materials ≤ 3 mm
Discharge Particle Size Up to 0.1 µm
Speed Regulation Mode Stepless speed regulation of frequency converter
Running Time 1 to 9999 min
Operation Time 1 to 999 min
Noise 60 ± 5 dB
Power Consumption 2.2 kW
Dimension 870 × 560 × 680 mm
Weight 140 kg

point.png Reliable and safe

point.png Features a numerical control processor

point.png Provided with grinding tank

point.png Incorporates a planetary disk design

point.png Furnished with rotating shaft parts

Ball mill is used in mineral processing, paint and coatings, ceramics, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, cement, food, and chemical industry.

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Ball Mill LMBML-B100