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Ball Mill LMBML-A200

Ball Mill LMBML-A200

Ball Mill LMBML-A200 is designed for ultra-fine material crushing including a milling jar and grinding ball. Convenient for dry and wet milling approaches for small batch production. Provided with a roller control, the rotation speed can be adjusted to control the milling process’s intensity. The utilization of stainless steel balls ensures steadfast consistency in particle size, enhancing the quality of final product.

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Material Capacity Material + Mill Balls ˂ 2/3 volume
Length of Roller 260 mm
Input Granularity Size ˂ 10 mm for soft material ˂ 3 mm for hard material
Output Granularity Size Minimum 13 to 48 µm
Roller Speed 60 to 570 ± 10 rpm (adjustable)
Mill Mode Dry milling Wet milling
Diameter of Roller Φ 25 mm
Maximum Distance Between Roller 120 mm
Feed Material Soft, hard, brittle, fibrous, cellulose, herb, glass, soil, ore, pharmacy, chemical, fluorescent, pigment etc.
Grinding Drum Type Porcelain, Stainless steel, Corundum, PU, Nylon, PEFE etc
Grinding Medium Type Stainless steel balls, zirconia balls, alumina balls, PU balls, carbon steel balls, tungsten balls, etc
Voltage One phase, 220 V
Motor Power 0.4 kW
Dimensions (W × L × H) 730 × 415 × 260 mm
Weight 32 Kg

point.png Simplified operation with high efficiency performance

point.png Versatile milling options for both dry and wet milling

point.png Utilizing various grinding ball materials, including zirconia, alumina, PU, carbon steel and tungsten

point.png Built for achieving consistent material granularity

point.png Fitted with interlocking mechanism and emergency stop buttons

point.png Equipped with a lid which can be securely fastened to prevent spillage and contamination

point.png Fused with a control panel to set working parameters, rotation speed and other operational settings

point.png Structured mainly for small batch productions

It can accommodate a wide range of input materials, making it a great option for material milling applications in scientific research, manufacturing, magnetic materials, biological and medicinal fields.

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Ball Mill LMBML-A200