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Ball Mill LMBML-A100

Ball Mill LMBML-A100

Ball Mill LMBML-A100 is a high-tech material mixing motor that employs rotating steel balls to make a fine, homogenized mixture of materials in a controlled environment. Designed with a liquid oil meter for better performance and less noise. Features a single pot and a speed range of 70 to 80 rpm with no speed controller. It performs both wet and dry grinding.

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Mill Method Roll milling type method
Pot and Step Single pot
Roller Size Φ 60 mm × 300 mm
Speed Controller No
Speed Range 70 to 80 rpm
Motor ½ Hp
Jar 1 EA
Roller Rubber material
Body Material Steel plate with powder coated finish
Power Supply AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase
Dimension 530 × 350 × 450 mm

point.png Engineered with a liquid oil meter which makes it a self-lubricating device with low noise and high intensity

point.png Equipped with stainless steel sleeves making the jars more rigid

point.png Powered with an electric motor which can be adjusted accordingly

point.png Designed in a compact way making it portable and simple

point.png Interlocking mechanism is provided to prevent any opening failures

point.png Simple and stable design with easy maintenance and user-friendly operation

point.png Employed method is roll milling type method

Ball Mills are particularly applied for sample production, particle size reduction, mixing and blending in Scientific fields and Milling Industries.

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Ball Mill LMBML-A100