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Automatic Softening Point Tester LMSPT-A100

Automatic Softening Point Tester LMSPT-A100

Automatic Softening Point Tester LMSPT-A100 sophisticated benchtop analytical tester, meticulously crafted for the precise determination of softening points in two samples simultaneously of various materials, including bituminous compounds, petroleum asphalts, coal pitch, and others. The temperature measurement can be controlled between a range of 32℃ to 160℃ and provides accurate and consistent measurements.

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Measurement Range 32 ℃ to 160 ℃
Ambient Temperature 35 °C
Temperature Resolution 0.01 ℃
Beaker Volume 1000 mL
Relative Humidity ≤85%
Heating Power 600 W
Total Power Consumption ≤ 700 W
Power Supply AC 220V ( -5 % ~ 10 %), 50 Hz

point.png Equipped with an intuitive and responsive light touch panel interface for straightforward operation

point.png Employs a dependable ball and ring apparatus

point.png Space-efficient design and is driven by a sophisticated microprocessor for precise control

point.png Automatic stirring, linear heating, and accurate test result detection reduce the need for manual intervention

point.png Furnished with high-temperature resistant glass in the beaker ensures durability and safety

point.png Enhanced with a clear and user-friendly LCD display for monitoring and displaying test data

point.png Test results are automatically printed, streamlining data collection and record-keeping

point.png Easily connects to a personal computer, enabling seamless data transfer

Sr. No Name Unit Quantity
1 Automatic Softening Point Tester Set 1
2 Steel ball locator Piece 2
3 Steel ball Piece 2
4 Shoulder ring Piece 2
5 Beaker Piece 1
6 Stirring bar Piece 1
7 Temperature sensor and cable Piece 1
8 W-line Piece 1
9 Fuse 6A( Ф 5 × 20 ) Piece 2
10 Software CD Piece 1
11 Printer paper Roll 1
12 Glycerin ( 1000 ml ) Bottle 2
13 Softening point thermometer( 30 ~ 180 )℃,scale mark 0.5 ℃ Piece 1
14 Bracket box Piece 1
15 Thermometer stopper (3#) Piece 1
16 Stopping ring for thermometer (1#) Piece 2

Utilized across a spectrum of industries, including asphalt manufacturing firms, highway and bridge construction companies, laboratories, universities, and scientific research institutes, among others.

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Automatic Softening Point Tester LMSPT-A100