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Automatic Proximate Analyzer LMAPA-A100

Automatic Proximate Analyzer LMAPA-A100

Automatic Proximate Analyzer LMAPA-A100 is designed to determine the proximate composition of a substance or sample, breaking down its components into several categories. It boasts a comprehensive feature set, including precise PID temperature control spanning a wide temperature range from RT +10°C to 1000°C. This advanced analyzer comprises a high-precision angle encoder control system capable of handling 20 samples per cycle and achieving a testing speed of 100 min for 20 samples.

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Temperature Control Range RT+10 to 1000°C
Accuracy ± 2°C
Sample Weight 0.5 to 1.2 g; 1± 0.1 g (recommended)
Sample Number 20 samples/time
Testing Time 100 min/20 samples
Temperature Control PID
Analysis Method Thermogravimetric analysis
Furnace Single
Power Supply AC 220 V ± 22 V/50 Hz
Power ≤ 2 kW
Dimension (W×D×H) 560×560×750 mm
Weight 80 kg

point.png The MCPC module and balance display module enhance reliability and streamline the test process

point.png Utilizes a single furnace and a stepper motor, integrated with a high-precision angle encoder control system for accuracy

point.png Incorporates a distributed intelligent smoke exhaust interface for effective removal of smoke and dust

point.png Features a heat insulation device at the bottom to minimize heat radiation

point.png Includes a power-off memory function, safeguarding test data

point.png Operates via thermogravimetric analysis, automating sample weighing and delivery

point.png Automates data processing, result calculation, report generation, and storage

point.png Delivers test results compliant with national standards, ensuring accuracy

point.png Offers connectivity to a management system for direct reading, backup, and easy uploading of test results

point.png Provides a high-efficiency, stable, and reliable unit for the determination of volatile matter

Widely utilized in power plants, coal mines, commodity inspection, environmental protection, the chemical industry, scientific research, education, and various other sectors, it plays a pivotal role in analyzing and understanding the composition of these materials.

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Automatic Proximate Analyzer LMAPA-A100