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Automatic Bomb Calorimeter LMABC-A100

Automatic Bomb Calorimeter LMABC-A100

Automatic Bomb Calorimeter LMABC-A100 is designed to determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustible materials. It is an Isoperibol type of calorimeter with a temperature range of 5 to 40℃ and takes just 8 minutes to test per sample. Boasts an automatic detection system for refrigerating capacity and a self-regulating circulation system that maintains calibration accuracy based on the previous calorific value.

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Calorimeter Type Isoperibol
Temperature Range 5 to 40°C
Measurement Range 5 to 40 MJ/ kg
Operation Mode The outer barrel temperature is constant
Temperature Resolution 0.0001°C
Precision RSD ≤0.1 %
Testing Time 8 min
Power ≤1.5 kW
Power Supply 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimension 540 × 420 × 420 mm
Weight 45 kg

point.png Equipped with an advanced and highly reliable small oxygen-filling device

point.png Semiconductor-based Water Refrigeration System

point.png Probe-Type Electronic Measuring Cup for Inner Bucket Water Measurement

point.png Automatic Temperature Measurement: No Manual Adjustment Required

point.png Auto Stop and Auto Draining Joints for Effortless Operation

point.png Utilizes Advanced USB Technology for Connectivity

point.png Compatible with Windows Systems

point.png Supports Integration with Electronic Scales

point.png Enables Data Sharing via Network

point.png CE Certified for Quality and Safety Assurance

point.png Features a removable cover design ensuring easy access for placing the bomb inside the instrument

Accessories no. Name Unit Qty.
1 Ignition thread (500 pieces) Box Box 20
2 Standard Benzoic Acid (1 gm * 10 pieces) Bottle 10
3 Gasket Ring for Oxygen Filling Facility (big, middle, small) Set 15
4 Heating Crucible PC 60
5 Oxygen bomb gasket ring (big, middle, small) Set 15
6 Plastic insulation cover Set 5
7 Special Oxygen filling pipe PC 2
8 Electrodes Set 1

It is primarily used in coal, petroleum, cement, agriculture, medical research, electronics, scientific research, quality control, and testing laboratories to measure the energy content of various materials, including fuels, food, and other combustible substances.

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Automatic Bomb Calorimeter LMABC-A100