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Automated Cell Counter LMACC-C100

Automated Cell Counter LMACC-C100

Automated Cell Counter LMACC-C100 counts cells rapidly and provides accurate results just within 30 seconds. With a sample volume of 10 µL, it is capable of counting cells within a detachable size range of 1 to 90 µm. Equipped with a touchscreen display that is easy to use and responsive.

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Sample Volume 10 µL
Cell Counting Time 30 seconds
Cell Concentration Range 5×104 to 1×107 cells/mL
Cell Size Range Detectable Range: 1 to 90 µm
Optimal Range: 5 to 60 µm
Excitation Wavelength 470 ± 20 nm
Emission Wavelength 530 ± 25 nm, 600 nm (LP)
Light Source LED
Image Resolution 5 MP
Lcd Display Resolution 800 × 480 pixels
Dimensions (W×D×H) 220 × 210 × 90 mm
Weight 1.8 kg

point.png Includes disposable slides for sample analysis

point.png Incorporates interactive software

point.png Shows excellence in data management

point.png Provided with adaptive cell size gating

point.png Utilizes LED as a light source

point.png Ability to differentiate live and dead cells

Fluorescence counter host

AC/DC power adapter
500 µL AO/PI Fluorescence dye
500 µL Calibration beads

Automated Cell Counter is used in drug discovery, immunology, microbiology, In Vitro Fertilization, cell culture, clinical diagnostics, stem cell, and cancer research.

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Automated Cell Counter LMACC-C100