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Automated Cell Counter LMACC-B100

Automated Cell Counter LMACC-B100

Automated Cell Counter LMACC-B100 is designed to streamline and improve the process of counting and analyzing cells. It improves cell counting by replacing the time-consuming and error-prone manual counting methods with a fast, accurate, and efficient automated system. Intelligent image recognition, combined with advanced optical imaging technology offers information on cell count, viability, and diameter information with a single click.

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Amplification Factor 2.5 × 5 Megapixel
Focusing Method Manual focusing and autofocusing
Cell Counting Area 2.15 mm × 1.62 mm
Cell Types Determined Cell lines, stem cells, primary cells, pollens, beer yeast
Cell Size Range 4 to 60 μm (Optimal: 7 to 60 μm)
Cell Concentration Range 104 to 107 cells/ml
Cell Counting Time < 9 sec
Data Storage Capacity 1000 counting reports and images at most
Dimensions (W × D × H) 212 × 165 × 264 mm
Weight 3 kg

point.png Employs the trypan blue staining method to enable automated cell analysis

point.png The BF (brightfield) channel, provides a clear display of cell count and cell morphology

point.png Cell counting is performed using both manual and autofocusing methods, ensuring accuracy

point.png It completes the cell counting process in less than 9 seconds, significantly reducing the time required for analysis

point.png Capable of accurately counting cells of various types, with cell concentrations ranging from 104 to 107 cells/ml

point.png Expert in counting cells within the optimal size range of 4 to 60 µm

point.png This system offers fast and accurate counting within a clear field of vision, enhancing the stability and reliability of results

point.png It has a data storage capacity capable of holding up to 1000 counting reports and associated images, simplifying record-keeping and analysis tasks

It is an essential tool for various scientific disciplines, including biology, microbiology, hematology, cell quality control cell expression level detection, and clinical diagnostics.

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Automated Cell Counter LMACC-B100