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Oven Incubator LMOI-A100

Oven Incubator LMOI-A100

Oven Incubator LMOI-A100 is a multifaceted device that serves function of oven and incubator with forced air convection and a microprocessor temperature air controller for enhanced accuracy. It has capacity of 35 L and offers temperature range of RT + 5°C to 80 °C for incubator and 80 °C to 220 °C for oven. Features polished stainless steel chamber, a two-layered glass door, an extensive viewing window, and an independent temperature-limiting alarm.

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Shelves 2 pcs
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Range a) as incubator: RT+5 to 80 °C b) as Oven: 80 to 220 °C
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5 °C b) ± 1 °C
Ambient Temperature +5 to 35 °C
Timing Range 1 to 9999 min
Power Consumption 850 W
Power Supply 220V 50HZ
Interior Dimension (W×D×H) 340 × 325 × 320 mm
Exterior Dimension (W×D×H) 620 × 490 × 490 mm

point.png Forced air-convection for uniform distribution of temperature

point.png Double layer glass door for better durability

point.png Large viewing window for convenient observation of the experiment

point.png Polished stainless steel chamber ensures low maintenance of the device

point.png Adjustable space between the shelves in the chamber

point.png Independent temperature-limiting alarm signals the user about device status

point.png Semi-circular arcs at corners for simplified cleaning

point.png Microprocessor temperature air controller for precise regulation of the temperature

Oven Incubator is widely used for culturing the microorganisms, ample drying and sterilization across industries like biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, research laboratories and academics.

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Oven Incubator LMOI-A100