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Atomic Force Microscope LMAFM-A101

Atomic Force Microscope LMAFM-A101

Atomic Force Microscope LMAFM-A101 operates based on the principle of scanning a sharp tip over a sample's surface while measuring the interaction forces between the tip and the sample to study and manipulate matter. It features an integrated design, combining the scan head and the sample stage to deliver robust anti-vibration performance. It has a scan angle of 0℃ to 360℃ while offering exceptional resolution, precision, and the ability to study a wide range of physical and chemical interactions.

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Operation Modes Contact mode, friction mode, extended modes of tapping phase, MFM, EFM
Scan Angle 0 to 360°
Maximum Scan Range X/Y axis: 50 µm, Z axis: 5 µm
Optical System/ Magnification Of CCD Magnification: 10x, Resolution: 1 µm
Resolution X/Y axis: 0.2 nm, Z axis: 0.05 nm
Sample Size Ø≤ 90 mm, H≤ 20 mm
Sample Movement 0 to 20 mm
Pulse Width of Approaching Motor 10 ± 2 ms
Scan Rate 0.6 Hz to 4.34 Hz
Scanning Control XY: 18-bit D/A & double; 16-bit A/D multiple channels simultaneously
Types Of Sampling Pixel 256×256, 512×512
Feedback Type DSP digital feedback
Feedback Sampling Rate 64 KHz
PC Connections USB 2.0
Windows Software Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/7/8
Instrument Dimension 700 × 500 × 460 mm
Net Weight 50 kg
Gross Weight 87.4 kg

point.png Accommodates a wide range of sample sizes for versatile testing and analysis

point.png Features an optical observation system to verify the positions of the tip and the sample

point.png Incorporates a modular electronic system for straightforward maintenance and component replacement

point.png Utilizes a CCD observing system to enhance imaging and data acquisition

point.png Equipped with a servomotor for achieving CCD focusing and precise manual or automatic sample-to-tip positioning

point.png Provides exceptionally accurate results, making it suitable for precise measurements and analyses

point.png Equipped with a precision laser detection system and a probe alignment device, simplifying laser beam adjustment for effortless operation

point.png Captures and displays multi-channel images simultaneously, enabling real-time profile map observation

point.png Measures various curves, including F-Z, F-RMS, and RMS-Z for comprehensive data analysis

point.png Executes move and cut functions for scan area selection, allowing users to choose areas of interest

point.png Scans samples within a 0 to 360° angle range for complete data collection

point.png Adjusts the laser spot detection system in real-time to maintain precision

point.png Offers selection and configuration of different color-scanning images using a palette

point.png Supports real-time linear average and offset calibration for accurate sample analysis

point.png Provides calibration support for scanner sensitivity and electronic controller auto-calibration

point.png Facilitates offline analysis and post-processing of sample images for in-depth examination and data refinement

The system excels in providing optimal solutions for a range of applications, including biochemistry for imaging tissues, cells, and cellular components. In nanotechnology for imaging polymers and nanomaterials, and in the fields of chemistry and physics for imaging surface metal elements.

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Atomic Force Microscope LMAFM-A101