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Air Cooled Chiller LMACR-A107

Air Cooled Chiller LMACR-A107

Air Cooled Chiller LMACR-A107 is a versatile and efficient cooling system designed to regulate the temperature of various industrial processes by removing excess heat from a specific environment. It features energy efficiency, operational excellence, and a leak-resistant design. The system accommodates a large water tank capacity of 520L with a flow rate of 250 to 500L/ min and exhibits a 22.5kW compressor motor.

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Water Tank Capacity 520 L
Cooling Capacity 86200 W, 294400 BTU / hr
Flow Rate 250 - 500 L / Min
Water Pump 2.2 HP, 3 kW
Refrigerant Type R22
Compressor Motor 22.5 kW, 30 HP
Condenser Fan Flow Rate 23400 CHM
Fan Diameter 500 mm × 8 set
Voltage/Base 380V - 400 V / 3 Phase (50 Hz - 60 Hz)
Running Current 58 Amp
Insulation Material Poly-foam type rubberized tube insulation
Dimension (L × W × H) 1980 × 860 × 1950 mm
Net Weight 920 kg

point.png The interior components of the chillers are constructed from durable stainless steel

point.png Features effective insulation with poly foam rubberized tube insulation

point.png Chillers operate using R22 as the refrigerant

point.png The compact design is well-suited for outdoor installation

point.png Precision temperature control is maintained within a narrow range of ±1ºC by the PID temperature controller

point.png The importation pump switch is equipped with a high-pressure function

point.png Equipped with an indicator light to promptly alert users to any abnormal conditions

point.png Provides automatic cut-off during emergency situations

Air-cooled chillers are refrigeration systems employed for dehumidifying air and cooling production process lines in both commercial and industrial settings.

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Air Cooled Chiller LMACR-A107