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About Labmate

Labmate is a leading global manufacturer of Laboratory Equipment, supporting all analytical, biological, clinical, industrial, chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical needs worldwide. We use our expertise to produce highest standard instruments which quickly provide tailored solutions to meet various customer needs.

We have an immaculate range of product line consisting of Centrifuges, Climate Chambers, Ovens, Furnaces, Balances, Freezers, Shakers, Incubators, PCR Systems, Spectrophotometers, Thermal Cyclers, Ultrasonic Cleaners and many more to explore in our vast product category.

All of our laboratory equipment meet a large variety of testing standards. We are a team-based organization committed to manufacturing quality products on a consistent basis while maintaining etiquette directed towards continuous improvement.

We mainly concentrate on three aspects in order to deliver the best products to our customers and fulfil them by effectively addressing their requirements: