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Laboratory Equipment


Rotating shaker

Rotating Shaker LMRS 210
Rotating Shaker LMRS 210
  • It has adjustable angle knob and vertical rotation speed range 10 to 80r/min
  • Easy to read LED screen shows time and speed
  • Continuous or timer operation of 1 min to 24 h with time and speed changing keys
  • Well-built structure with less maintenance DC brushless motor for smooth and effective shaking
  • Platform can accommodate 50ml conical tubes so that user can yield more amount of sample in less time
  • The user can conveniently start and stop the device using power button
  • It is provided with wide range of attachments to process different amounts of samples using tube insert rack

Product Details
Rotating Shaker LMRS-210

Speed range : 10 to 80 r/min
Shaking Orbit : Rotational
Display : LCD display speed and time
Angle : adjustable
Time Range : 1 s to 24 h/ continuous operation

Rotating Shaker LMRS-110

Speed range : 10 r/min to 80 r/min
Timer : 1 s to 24 h/continous operation
Shaking motion : Rotating
Angle : Adjustable from 0 to 90°
Display : LCD display speed and time